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Essential oil Clay Diffusers - Set of 3

Essential oil Clay Diffusers - Set of 3

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Our Ceramic Diffusers allows a natural cold diffusion of pure essential oils whose therapeutic benefits are preserved. 

Easy to use and handy to carry and entirely made by hand these natural clay diffusers can be placed in any small interior space for a smooth diffusion and a personalized atmosphere.

A decorative and natural way to perfume your home with essential oils.

They don't require an electrical outlet and provide a gentle cold diffusion to fully enjoy the natural benefits of essential oils.

Truly convenient to carry around and ideal for perfuming all small interior spaces, this travel-size and discreet ceramic charm will follow you everywhere: in your bathroom, in your luggage, in your cupboards and even in your car.

To enjoy it, simply add 2 to 4 drops of your favorite essential oil on the diffuser, wait a few minutes until the oil is absorbed, then hang your diffuser wherever you like (bathroom, office, car, or even in your cupboards) to delicately scent your interior for several days. Renew the application of the essential oil when the fragrance fades.

Each clay diffuser measures around 5 cm (2 inches)in diameter. It is packaged very carefully, protected with bubble wrap and presented in a cardboard box or a coordinated organza pouch.

Available in white.

Made in Greece

All items are handmade hence unique. Slight differences in size or colour are inevitable.